Monday, November 30, 2009

Video Games for the Visually Impaired

Video Games For The Visually ImpairedElectrical And Computer Engineers Develop Computer Game For Visually Impaired And Sighted Players
November 1, 2008 - Science Video - Computer engineers have been developing games for Nintendo Wii for persons who are visually impaired. The users move the Wii remote to create layers of sounds. There are audio instructions for the user to follow. AudiOdyssey allows the user to be a DJ who gets people out on the dance floor dancing to the music just created.

Our district's Special Education service model is a continuum of services that range from self contained to full inclusion with an emphasis on the latter. Most of our students with disablilities are in co-taught general education classes. This article and accompanying video shows an excellent venue for inclusivity in and out of the classroom.

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