Thursday, November 19, 2009


World-renowned ice caps may disappear by the 2020s
The warming climate has cause high-altitude glaciers worldwide to shrink substantially. More than a quarter of the ice that covered Mount Kilimanjaro in the year 2000 has disappeared. From 1989 to 2007, the ice-coverage dropped, on average, 2.4 percent per year. At current rates of melting, permanent ice fields will disappear from Kilimanjaro by 2022, the researchers estimate.

Students can watch “Inconvenient Truth” finding ways Al Gore presented research. They can then conduct research about the causes of glacial melting and potential effects. They can present persuasive arguments for or against potential causes, i.e. global warming. They could use images, videos, and data displays to enhance their position. Students can then come together as a team of experts to try to problem solve the case, case-study style. They can then write letters of action to appropriate groups or leaders presenting their ideas, opinions, and data.

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