Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time for Kids Feeling the Heat By: Vickie An,27972,1939368,00.html

This article covers the meeting of World Leaders in Denmark, Copenhagen next month. Their goal is to agree on a plan that will limit pollution and slow global warming. This a wonderful article about climate change for your kids to read to begin making global connections and to make decisions that will affect their earth. The kids will read about the difference between weather and climate, how scientists study climate and how climate change may affect weather.
Classroom Connections

Group Discussion Questions:
According to the article, the Indian government thinks it is unfair for richer countries to ask
poorer countries to cut down on carbon emissions. Ask: What’s your opinion? Do you agree or
disagree with the Indian government? Explain. Will the Copenhagen meeting be a turning point in the fight against global warming? Why? What can you do to help the planet?

Make A Poster:
Have students make posters to show things kids can do to be green. To inspire creativity,
Brainstorm as a class first.

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