Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Buying Green: 9 Products for Sustainable Living

I good visual slideshow with explanations from Scientific American provides great examples of products thought up that are made from renewable sources or can help a person reuse products. Motivations for such products can range from an earth minded personality to a frugal living mission. The products listed are:
  • Clean Soaps
  • Bag Dryer
  • Water Saver Faucet
  • Fuel Economy Screen
  • Recycled Material Dog Toys
  • Milk Paint
  • Small Scale Composting
  • Recycled Materials Carpet
  • Solar Panel Bags
Some of the potential ideas I saw from this article for use in our classrooms were science related.
1. Use this as a starting point for an activity during an energy unit. Students can work together to develop a product that is made of renewable materials, uses renewable energy or is organic in some way. A proposal can be made by them with designs, materials and a possible business proposal if this activity is worked in conjunction with a language arts teacher.
2. Students can make their own renewable product through a scientific investigation involving the creation of a hypothesis, testing, gathering of data and development of a conclusion. One example could be the building of a water bottle vessel.

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