Sunday, November 8, 2009

Math in the Movies - Mathematicians To Thank For Great Graphics

Imagine creating many of the most beloved animated digital characters in the world using algebra that you learned in your math class! Well it's true! The animation industry is becoming the math teacher's new best friend. It is high school math that can actually help bring animated movies to life. Trignometry helps rotate and move characters, algebra creates the special effects that make images shine and sparkle and calculus helps light up a scene. Pixar Animation Studios is undergoing a digital revolution thanks to advances in areas such as math, computer technology, computational physics, and approximation theory. These advances help make more human like characters and special effects. Now when students wonder or question why we need to "learn this stuff" and "how will I ever use this in real life" refer to the many animated blockbusters that they eagerly flock to the movie theaters to see.

Lesson Uses: The website reference below has some wonderful ideas that help students learn about animation. The activities capitalize on students' natural interest in current films and the excitement generated by the Academic Awards. The activities are designed to teach valuable lessons in critical thinking.

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