Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giving Sharks Safe Homes

Summary: The article discussions the research being done in the coral reefs in the Pacific and the top predators that have been found there. Scientists are trying to find out why these coral reefs contain so many top predators with half being sharks. Additionally, the sharks' behavior in these coral reefs is very different then how they behave in open waters.

Classroom applications:
Research key vocabulary specific to the scientific study of oceanography. This vocabulary are found in the article.
Use science activity objects in Adaptive Curriculum under organisms and their environment.
Research coral reefs.
Visit the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument website and debate President Bush's decision to set up this marine reserve.
Create a scale drawing of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument using the facts in the article.
Visit the Endangered Species website and research how an animal is placed on the list and how they get off the list.


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