Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adding Technology to Geometry Class Improves Opportunities to Learn

Technology in Geometry Class from Science Daily reveals a research study from the University of Illinois that explains how manipulation with dynamic geometry software can make connections for students that doing things by hand does not. Beyond the compasses and protractors the software helps the students make connections with the proofs. The tools are needed but the thinking is extended for the student and a transference takes place.

Connection to the classroom: When I used the geometry lessons from Adaptive Curriculum, I saw the connections when the figures rotated in three dimensions. It made it easier for me to see what was happpening with the lines and planes. I understood geometry better with the software demonstrating with animated visualizations. As I observed students with the activity, they were seeing the connections as well. Creating tagboard 3-D replicas with labels would give an added activity to the lesson.

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