Friday, December 11, 2009

Pupils given iPhones to help them learn

Summary: A school in West London is giving students free iPhones credited with £15 ($21.92USD) to spend on "apps" to help them learn. Students are downloading study applications such as Shakespeare, the periodic table, and Bible studies to help them learn on-the-go. To ensure students remain on task with their phones, teachers occasionally monitor what they are downloading and restrict social networking sites in class. Students who give the most constructive feedback are given iTunes credits to spend however they want.

Not everyone is convinced of the program's usefulness. A member of the Campaign for Real Learning feels phones in the classroom are a distraction with computers having unproven usefulness. The study will be closely monitored to see how well students are learning with the phones.

Classroom connection: While schools in the US may be unable to provide students with free iPhones and iTunes credits, many students have their own cell phones. Most current cell phones have cameras and even video that would allow students to take shots for educational purposes. This lesson plan from Kodak takes students on an architectural scavenger hunt. Instead of needing a camera and film, all students will need is a cell phone and USB cable. Photos can be uploaded in a variety of electronic media for sharing.

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