Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello STEM Course Participants,

Being aware of news that is important to today's learners is one of the professional responsibilities of all teachers. Each member of our class will post to this blog on recent and newsworthy ideas to make science and math relevant every day to our students. 

Post one news story, your summary, and a strategy for incorporating this story in your classroom to our blog. Example from a previous class. Post to our blog at least once each week throughout the semester.

My example for the day:
  • Junk Food Turns Rats into Addicts
  • Summary: Paul Johnson of the Scripps Research Institute bought an assortment of typical Western fare, including Ho Hos, sausage, pound cake, bacon and cheesecake. Johnson fed rats either a standard diet of high-nutrient, low-calorie chow, or unlimited amounts of the palatable junk food. Rats that ate the junk food soon developed compulsive eating habits and became obese. 
  • Classroom Strategy:  
    • Provide students with food logs and have them track their food intake for one week
    • As a class, generate a list of "junk food"
    • Use Excel® to create graphs of the percentages of junk food consumed by individuals and the class as a whole
    • Discuss the implications of students' diet and their long term health based on inkormation from the news article.

Resources you might find useful:

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