Monday, October 26, 2009

Robot Builds Brick Wall in New York City

Summary: Two architects in New York City are using a robot to build a looping brick wall right in the middle of New York. The robot known as the "R-O-B" is making a traffic island. Manhattan citizens can follow in real time from Oct 5 - 27th how the industrial robot uses innovative technology to transform the bricks into a loop. But this is no ordinary wall. The robot is programmed to use digital shapes and construction principle to make a three-dimensional composition. Over 7,000 bricks will be used in the design. R-O-B will move along the construction site on a flatbed trailer.

Lesson: What a wonderful field trip this could be. Students would actually be able to see how robotics can be used in such an ordinary task as building a brick wall and even incorporating the art while building the structure. Students could then experience making machines using Lego-blocks. If budgets allow, invest in some robotic kits to increase students' understanding about what makes a robot a robot, how robots sense, think, and act as well as the uses and limitations of working robots. Then host a classroom exhibit.

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