Tuesday, October 27, 2009

General Mills to drop sullied Smart choices product label

Summary: On Tuesday Oct 27, 2009, General Mills decided to drop the "Smart Choices" label. The "Smart Choices" food label was designed by food companies to help consumers understand the nutrition labels. The Food and Drug Administration and other watch dog groups said the label misled consumers. The label took two years to develop and major food companies had pledged to use the label. However, when food companies began putting the "Smart Choices" label on Froot Loops, watch dog groups were upset and the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to the food companies about labeling regulations.

Classroom strategies: Have students compare and contrast a "Smart Choice" food and another comparable food. Using the food pyramid, discuss what would make the food a "Smart Choice" food. If possible, have a nutritionist come and talk with students about smart food choices. Have students research and list General Mills cereals, then categorize them and use Excel to show their results. Use the food pyramid and have students measure out actual serving sizes for a balanced meal and the nutrition value. Use Chew on This, to research and discuss the chemistry of food.

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